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It’s the rip-roaring, high-stakes, high-drama tall tale of the Serenity‘s greatest adventure ever! The crew is dogged by an Alliance operative almost as crazy as Jubal Early. I apologize to the people of Great Britain on behalf of the entire American film industry. I should apologize to Chiwetel Ejiofor for butchering his name horribly. Mal and the Hole-in-the-Boat Gang take an Alliance payroll but are set upon by reavers. Simon busts Mal a good one and gets dumped on a planet where River is driven cuckoo by a Fruity Oaty Bar commercial. Wash suggests they talk to their old friend, Mr. Universe. Yes. Mr. Universe. You remember him. Inara wants Mal to come and not fight with her. Trap! I show off my English degree my identifying “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” Book will take his secrets to the grave. Wash doesn’t have any secrets, but if he did, so would he. River is carrying a politician’s secret to a lot of other people’s graves. The horror of the Pax is exposed. Kaylee and Simon sort out their romantic difficulties by killing reavers. River becomes a Super Bass-o-matic. Inara might hang around. All’s well that ends we— Wait… what’s with the graves?

I’m watching the R1 DVD version. Start the film on the countdown.

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