Hot Fuzz

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Simon Pegg knocks one out of the… cricket pitch(?) as super cop Nicolas Angle Angel, who gets reassigned to sleepy little Sanford and discovers that there is an evil there that does not sleep. Nick Frost pulls duty as his comic sidekick and film professor. And a host of fantastic British actors support Pegg and director Edgar Wright’s brilliant and hilarious screenplay. I focus on the failures in it, of course. But I do heap praise where praise heaps are due. I focus mostly on the themes and intricacies of the plot. I compare it to other films in various genres, including Cars, Doc Hollywood, Sharky’s Machine, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Shaun of the Dead, Point Break, Bad Boys II, romantic comedies, and spaghetti westerns. But I’m nothing compared to Wright and Tarantino. Check out my voluminous list of films that Edgar Wright and Quentin Tarantino talk about in their own weird meta-commentary.

I watched the 3-disk US special edition release. It should be the same as the standard DVD release.

Start the commentary with the whistles and sirens. (55 MB)

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  1. This was an interesting commentary to listen, me being British and hearing your take on the film.

    Model villages – I guess along with the filmmakers, I did not realise that this is more of a British thing and American’s did not really know what the hell this was about. Funnily enough while visiting a castle recently, there was a model village, which reminded me of this commentary.

    NWA – This did make me laugh, and yes anyone outside the UK would not really get this I suppose. No it is nothing to do with the music band. We really do have Neighborhood Watch Associations. Basically old ladies who look out their windows (curtain twitchers!) to see what is going on in the street.

    The ending was filmed in Wells, Somerset, England, which was near to where I grew up, so that added some extra cool points to the film 😉

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