Seinfeld 08×08 “The Chicken Roaster”

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A Kenny Rogers’ Roasters restaurant moves in across the street and beams red light into Kramer’s apartment day and night, so he gets Jerry to switch apartments. Elaine buys George a sable hat on the Peterman account along with a load of other things for herself, then gets audited by their accountant. I take apart this classic eighth season episode scene by scene, praising all its loopy goodness and gently pointing out its mild gaps.

Start the commentary when I tell you to press Play.

3 thoughts on “Seinfeld 08×08 “The Chicken Roaster””

  1. jadore tro cette série j »ai vu un des premier épisode et je suis tomber sous lcharme =p tro boo !! jespere ro une deuxieme saison obliger la on pe pa rester sur se reste ^^ jadore jadore!! mick et tro bo …=p

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