The Goonies

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Sean Astin leads his hearty band of adventurers—plus his older brother.. and a couple of girls—thru the caverns underneath the rocky coast near his home town in a search for the legendary lost treasure of One-Eyed Willy! I examine the three-part story structure, the emotional arc of each character, and Willy’s weird music/skeleton obsession. I admire Mikey’s leadership, Troy’s Mustang GT, and Andy’s panties.

I contemplate the nature of the “Goondocks.” I point out the age of the various kids (surprise! Josh is younger than Kerry!). I examine the structure of the two-parent Walsh family and single-parent TV families. I wonder about the distance from the lighthouse to the country club. And I wonder about how Data apparently walked in from a Warner Brothers cartoon and how a Chinese character with a Japanese love for technology could be played by a Vietnamese actor.

I misstate that Martin Sheen played John F Kennedy in an episode of Spielberg’s Amazing Stories when it was actually the TV movie Kennedy. I was actually mixing it up with an episode of The Twilight Zone called “Profile in Silver”.

Start the film with the studio title at the same time you start the commentary. (52 MB)

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