Further refinements

I’ve continued to refine the site and make it look and work more like the old site, with the help of some plug-ins and add-in code. I’ve also started converting more articles, which I am giving publishing dates that match the original date of publishing, creating a sort of retroactive archive. I will probably have all the old files redirect to the new page, so visitors see the WordPress version and can take advantage of the commenting functionality and so on.

Speaking of which, one of the enhancements I’ve added is a commenting plug-in that allows readers to edit their comments for a time (it’s set to 8 minutes right now). I’ve also added author avatars, which personalizes the articles a bit. Another thing I’ve done is change the original teasers, which were the article ledes, into summaries (via excerpts). However, I’m starting to think that they sound bad in comparison. I’m generally pretty good at writing interesting ledes.

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