A Fistful of Dollars

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Sergio Leone re-envisions Kurasowa’s Yojimbo… and gets the pantoloni sued off him. But nevertheless, he gives the world Clint Eastwood as The Man With No Name (as long as you don’t count “Joe”, “Manco”, or “Blondie” as names). Join me as I directly compare the two films from scene to scene all the way along. But you only need A Fistful of Dollars to enjoy it.

Unlike most of my commentaries, I don’t really talk about the actors (other than Eastwood). Instead, I compare the two film-makers’ vision and message and address the noir source material. I compare the character of  “Joe” with Yojimbo‘s “Sanjuro.” I compare the pacing and the scope of the cinematography. And I compare the plots and plot devices scene-by-scene. I even compare the characters, altho I always focus on Fistful, and I avoid the Japanese names as much as possible.

Start the film after studio title at the same time you start the commentary. If you choose to watch with Yojimbo also, start it at the Janus title card. (54 MB)

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