King Kong (1933)

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The greatest of great apes is trapped by tiny men and dragged to New York, where he runs amok, all for the affections of a dame. I give a little of the history of the production, point out some of the successes and failings, analyze the structure, and mock the stuntman who gets squashed by a giant ape foot. I frequently compare the film to the 1976 version and occasionally to the 2005 version.

This is kind of a quickie commentary, done without as much post-production as I’ve been doing lately (no EchoSync). I am joined for the first 15 minutes by my little niece, who doesn’t have nearly as much to say here as she did about Paul McCartney in Help.

Wait for my countdown to start the film with the overture (or the film proper, when I give the cue). (50 MB)

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