The 39 Steps

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Alfred Hitchcock presents his first big hit with all the trimmings: the innocent man taking it on the lam, the tough and beautiful blond sparring with him, the quirky humor, and the weird conclusion. Listen as I compare the film to Young and Innocent and North by Northwest, talk about Hitchcock’s early work and developing style, joke about the Scottish stereotypes, and stumble over British currency. Plus, you learn what a “crofter” is. Please note, however, that you will not learn what causes pip in poultry or how old Mae West is. Who am I? Mr. Memory?

Note: I mistakenly call Godfrey Tearle “Geoffrey.” I mention Hitch’s annoyance at Montgomery Clift and Paul Newman for their acting style. They were indeed both Method actors. Also, British currency was decimalized in 1971 rather than my guess of 1972.

Wait for my countdown to start the film with the title card, after the film board rating. (42 MB)

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