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James Bond has returned in his fourth adventure, this time facing his deadliest foe yet: Spectre, headed by Blofeld, who wants to hold the world ransom for (pinky to lip) one hundred million dollars! I take the story apart, questioning why no one else notices the clues in the photos all the double-0 agents get, how weird and kind of pointless it is that Bond had a fight with the guy Blofeld hired to deliver his audio taped demands, and how weird and kind of pointless it is that Largo hooked up with the sister of the guy he recruited to steal the nuclear bombs. I marvel as Bond dances on a leg with a bleeding gunshot wound. I blither as nameless, faceless men stab each other under water. And I compare the film to the book and somewhat to the later non-Eon remake Never Say Never Again.

Start the film after the MGM lion on my countdown. (62 MB)

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  1. Hi Tysto. Is that really your name? Anyway I am a teacher from USA living in China. I just happen to come across your site and really like your commentaries. I never have listened to many of these before but find them really good and entertaining. I also love films, especially classic movies. I even show some of them to my classes who are Chinese here in Guangzhou. For example, I showed To kill a Mockingbird, and after that we did a simulated court in class. Will hope you will do more classic horror films, such as Invisible man, and Old Dark house if you can find it. I made that play ODH into a stage play and did it here. Maybe one of the Astaire, Rodgers films also, and how about the original Day the earth stood still. The Hammer films were very good also. Western movies are also great I think such as Shane and the Searchers. I know there are so many great films. Anyway keep up the good work and I will keep listening. Douglas Early 007 good also

  2. Thanks a lot! I call myself “Tysto” in the commentaries only because that’s the name of this site, so it’s easy for people to remember. You can see the byline for the movie articles says “by Derek Jensen.”

    Your suggestions are terrific. I certainly plan to do more classic horror and westerns. In the meantime, you might check out the Universal monsters and Hammer horror commentaries on my other site, Zarban’s House of Commentaries, which lists commentaries done by anyone.

  3. I love Hammer Horror. Been a big fan since I was a kid. My bro and I loved the Dracula and Frankenstein movies. I highly recommend some of the more obscure vampire titles such as Vampire Circus, Twins of Evil, and Kiss of the Vampire. They are very enjoyable movies and shouldn’t be missed by Hammer fans even though they don’t star Cushing and Lee.

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