Iron Man

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Robert Downey, Jr. is Tony Stark! Tony Stark is Iron Man! Join me as I join The Doctor from Speakeasy Commentaries for the second time for a transoceanic fan commentary from two ridiculous movie/comic book geeks. The Doctor proves to be more of a comic book geek, as he explains the back story and history of Iron Man in the comic books (the storyline “Demon in a Bottle” is the one where Tony confronts his alcoholism). I prove to be more of the movie and music geek, as I explain the plot of A Christmas Story (Ralphie appears as a scientist) and the connection to Ozzy Osbourne (Ozzy sang for Black Sabbath and did the song “Iron Man”). We discuss Robert Downey, Jr. and Jon Favreau’s other work and arrest records. We get off track in a discussion of national health care. The Doctor claims they’ve never shown Gilligan’s Island in England. And I claim to be excited by the prospect of a Scarlet Witch movie. However, we are both very excited by the prospect of Iron Man 2 as well as an Avengers movie, especially with Samuel L Jackson.

Momentary explicit language, at least when discussing Samuel “MFer” Jackson.

Start the commentary after the Paramount logo fades out, on the countdown. (62 MB)

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  1. Actually, the Burger King gag came from Robert Downey, Jr’s real life. The first thing he wanted when he got out of jail was a Burger King burger. It was an inside joke.

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