Son of Frankenstein

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It’s still alive! Sherlock Holmes and Dracula meet Bambi and Frankenstein’s Monster in the 1939 extension of the Frankenstein mythos. I mock the hilariously bizarre architecture, the ridiculous dart game, the absurd hair (and somewhat suspicious parentage) of little Peter, and the Frankenstein Village board of commerce. I explore the father-son theme and compare it to the previous films and boldly suggest that 47+ years is a long damn time for a monster to be roaming the countryside murdering people without being discovered or getting some kind of name, especially from his decades-long live-in companion.

I also suggest that if your town became famous for having a monster roaming around it, you could make a good buck off that if you market it the right way. And I gratuitously, but only momentarily, compare the Frankensteins to the royal family of England.

Start the commentary with the Universal title card, on the countdown. (48 MB)

4 thoughts on “Son of Frankenstein”

  1. Son of Frankenstien, one of my early childhood horror movies. I agree the sets are so bizzare, but maybe that is what makes the movie more strange. really like all your comments and can listen without movie, to learn many things. Love classic movies especially horror. Boris and Bela are my heros. Maybe you could comment on Ed wood, or one of Ed’s movies, such as Plan 9 from Outer space. We did this on stage at my school. I played Bela. Also at least 1 Bette Davis film (Little Foxes), (All about Eve, Baby Jane), would be nice. Thanks for your site. Douglas

  2. I’m surprised you haven’t made a commentary for Young Frankenstein yet, seeing how much you mention it. I think it would be fun if you did; such a great film!

    I’ve loved these Frankenstein commentaries you’ve been doing though. I don’t always agree with what you say (I actually like the camp and monster focus in Bride, though O’Connor is pretty insufferable), but it’s still cool to hear alternate viewpoints, especially when they’re actually explained intelligently.

    Anyways, love the website, love your commentary. Keep at it! 🙂

  3. Try another Karloff, Lugosi flim. The Body Snatchers. Karloff gives a great performance in. it.

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