The Thing (1982)

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Kurt Russell and a bunch of “scientists” take on Rob Bottin and Stan Winston in a remake/readaptation of the 1950s monster flick, The Thing From Outer Space. The Doctor, of Speakeasy Commentaries, joins me for a third time—this time in glorious stereophonic sound. We both love the film and heap praise all over it (even on the dog) and yet fail to credit the original author, John W Campbell, Jr. (“Who Goes There”) or even the screen adapter, Bill Lancaster. We address such delicate questions as “who gets assimilated when?” “why keep rotting corpses indoors?” and “what’s with Doc Copper’s nose ring?” as well as marvel at the number of Vietnam-haunted alcoholic pot-smokers that were sent to live in the Antarctic for months at a time with firearms, dynamite, and flame-throwers.

Caution: Film-appropriate salty language from time to time.

Bonus: A quick-reference card to help keep the characters straight!

Start the commentary with the Universal title card, on the countdown. (77 MB)

2 thoughts on “The Thing (1982)”

  1. Dear Tysto/Zarban:

    just went to download the original “The Thing from Another World” at DVD UK commentaries. The host site has been siezed by the US (Federal) government for multiple violations of fraud, piracy, racketeering, et al. Thought you might need to know. Just for the record, I know nothing YOU are doing is illegeal, but this was a rude awakening.

  2. No no no. They just had their files loaded on file-sharing site Megaupload. It’s Megaupload that go seized for allowing music and movie uploads. I assure you, the guys did nothing wrong.

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