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Bonjour! Join me as I tackle my first foreign film, the très Français sci fi blockbuster The Fifth Element. It’s the heart-warming story of Bruce Willis as a down-on-his-luck cab driver who meets girl of his dreams Milla Jovovich and takes her on a vacation that includes a cruise ship and Egypt (and ‘splosions!). She’s beautiful, she’s young (waaaay younger than him, actually), she’s a natural redhead (well, clown orange, actually), she’s a perfect being genetically engineered to fight evil, and she dresses like a Cirque du Soleil performer. What more could you ask for? Multipass!

I give some background on the movie and why it’s so very, very French. I compare it to Heavy Metal, Fright Night, Léon, and Blade Runner. I explain the plot, reveal the themes, and point out some of the recurring visual motifs. I heap praise on Milla and Bruce, as well as on Brion James and Ian Holm. I note that Great Evil is not especially punctual. I suggest that David’s collection of makeup and women’s-wear might indicate that he has hobbies outside the priesthood. I wonder if Zorg is possessed by alien chocolate syrup. And I try to remember all the other times in movies that Milla Jovovich has woken up naked in a laboratory.

Note: I was wrong about the Blu-Ray! There actually are two different Blu-Ray releases. I am watching the newer, “Remastered” one, but the actual content should be the same. I don’t think any changes to content were made with any of the releases, DVD or Blu-Ray.

Start the commentary right after the Columbia Pictures logo has faded, on the countdown.

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