Nosferatu (1979)

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Happy Halloween! It’s the beguiling Isabelle Adjani and the beguiling Klaus Kinski with Hitler himself in Werner Herzog’s love letter to FW Murnau— Nosferatu the Vampyre. I compare it to the novel and to Murnau’s silent version. And I compare it a bit to Fright Night, The Seventh Seal, and a few others.

I mock Harker’s high-waisted pants and the self-conscious directorial touches, but overall I love the movie and praise it as much as possible while exploring its foibles. I indulge in some komedy dialog sync and boldly suggest that the film depicts the strongest female protagonist in any vampire film but that it could do with some Hammer-style boobs. Enjoy!

Start the movie with the countdown at the very beginning with the mummified babies. Yes: mummified babies.

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  1. I had to do a double take when I saw this on Zarban. The original is my favorite vampire film (due solely to the amazingly creepy Max Schreck and the visual style) and this one ain’t too shabby either. I never thought anyone would do a commentary on this. Bravo.

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