Poll: What next for commentaries?

Aside from James Bond movies, what would you like to hear Tysto do a commentary for in the near future?

UPDATE: The results are in, and the votes came down in favor of more Schwarzenegger, and maybe more Star Wars, an Italian thriller (giallo), and Moon.

4 thoughts on “Poll: What next for commentaries?”

  1. Halloween (The 1978 one), one of the Star Trek Trek movies from I-VI? Superman:The Movie, Blow-Up or The Shining?

  2. Those are all good suggestions! The first two or three Star Trek movies are definitely on the to-do list. Blow-Up would be a really good choice (Altho I rather like Blow Out better). And there’s a lot to say about Superman and The Shining, altho (and perhaps because) they’re not among my favorite films.

  3. Movies like The Driver, Raw Deal (86), 1941 and Juggernaut would be nice. If only because i like them and no one’s done a commentary! Maybe i should do them myself, hmm…


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