Time After Time

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Join the Doctor and me in the far-flung future of 1979, where we watch Caligula doggedly track down the Master Control Program and make sweet, sweet love to Doc Brown’s wife. We compare English and American ideas of currency, gentlemen’s clubs, health care systems, and free love. We compare the character of Wells to Sherlock Holmes and Kyle Reese. And we compare the film to the 1960 The Time Machine as well as to Air Wolf.

We wonder why the time machine has an AM radio. But we fail to give Nicholas Meyer credit for sending his characters to the Chartered Bank of London and not to an imaginary “Bank of England.” (Damn you, IMDb trivia page!)

We had some significant trouble with bad Internet connections causing the call to drop. We ended up with one major drop out, which I’ve filled in, but overall, we were a bit were distracted by the problems.

Note: No one will be seated during the thrilling Honda Civic chase!

Start the movie with the countdown at the very start of the cartoonishly fast Warner Brothers logo zoom in.

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