New year’s resolutions

New Year's ResolutionsTwo months ago, I posed this poll question: Aside from James Bond movies, what would you like to hear Tysto do a commentary for in the near future?

The votes and suggestions came down in favor of more Schwarzenegger, more Star Wars, and maybe an Italian thriller (giallo) and Moon. So I’ll put The Terminator on my to-do list and maybe Raw Deal, which I’ve never seen and doesn’t have a single commentary, according to Zarban’s House of Commentaries (while Hercules in New York and Red Heat do). I’ll also plan on Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi (theatrical cuts), despite my thrice-broken pledge not to do Star Wars movies (what more is left to be said, thought I; and then I remembered that I can talk for two hours about movies like Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus and Murder at 1600). I might even add a Dario Argento thriller: Profondo Rosso, Tenebre, The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, or possibly Mother of Tears. Altho I haven’t actually seen that last one, it’s much more recent.

Also suggested in comments were early Star Trek films, so I’ll add Star Trek: The Motion Picture, a film I seem to like more than most people. That one I might do with the Doctor from Speakeasy Commentaries because I know he likes it too. We’ll also probably want to eulogize Leslie Nielsen and Anne Francis by doing Forbidden Planet as well, one of his favorites. To these I’ll add Blade Runner and Vertigo for myself.

I might do The Shining just because it was suggested and I actually kind of hate it, which would be fun. I do very few films I don’t like. I also really hate the ending of another suggestion: Superman: The Movie, despite really loving most of the rest of the film, so that would be an interesting choice in extremes.

Hammer horror and Charles Bronson were suggested in the past, but I’ve done two Hammers now and didn’t care for any of the three Bronson pictures I watched as possibles (Death Wish, Mr. Majestyk, and Red Sun [even with Toshiro Mifune in it!]). However, I’ve still got The Mechanic to watch.

There were other films that are going on my at-least-watch-it list, including Walter Hill’s Ryan O’Neal vehicle, The Driver.

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