Star Wars 5: The Empire Strikes Back (special ed.)

Empire Strikes Back posterNetflix IMDb
Join me for a fourth helping of the Star Wars saga, this time dismantling the best film of the series. I examine Luke’s story within the film and within the saga, as well as Vader’s. I analyze Han and Leia’s story as a romantic tragedy hors d’oeuvre that barely connects to the real story. And I compare the film to the prequels, Casablanca, adventure serials of the 1930s, samurai and western movies, Flash Gordon, and The Karate Kid.

I try to determine the timeline, point out John Ratzenberger, and do stunningly life-like impressions of George Lucas and Darth Vader. I psychoanalyze Yoda and question Lando’s sexuality. Courting controversy, I declare my love for ewoks, root for Admiral Piett to retire to a villa on the Black Sea, and imagine daily life for stormtroopers. And I confidently assert that Han and Leia closed the deal by the time they met Vader at Cloud City.

Start the commentary just as the “Long ago and far away” line comes up, on the countdown.

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