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James Cameron blasts you out of a cannon (after loading you and packing you with powder for, like, 40 minutes) at a whole host of aliens (which you don’t actually hit for another 35 minutes) in this sequel to the timeless monster movie Alien. Join me as I examine the special edition and its themes of motherhood and self-actualization and blowin’ sh*t up and corporations are bad.

I compare the film to the original and to various other films by Cameron and others. I go Wierzbowski hunting. I imagine Jerry Seinfeld in place of Paul Reiser. I call it “nearly perfect”, altho I lament the concept of the alien hive with a queen. And I call out all the little Cameron-romance moments (“We’re gonna die! I kind of like you!”).

NOTE: There’s an unfortunate little bit of popping in the first 30 minutes, perhaps caused by the new version of Audacity. Sorry.

Start the film after the 20th Century Fox logo at the same time you start the commentary.

6 thoughts on “Aliens (special edition)”

  1. I don’t think you’d be able to stop a facehugger getting to your mouth with your hand. The facehugger in the first film gets through the front of a helmet.

  2. Another great commentary, and on my fav film too 🙂 Some good discussion on Camerson’s film making, and the fact that the main action does not kick in for ages, although you never notice because of the good story & tension build up.


  3. I am downloading as we speak, and I am so excited. The only thing I like better than when you comment on a horrible movie (I still listen to Megashark vs Giant Octopus when I’ve had a bad day) is when you comment on a great one!

  4. nice commentary i always feel like i am attending a lecture hen i listen to your commentries

    the bishop error where he grabs newt at the end get fixed on the blu ray version

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