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Join me as I rush thru the 1998 German film Run, Lola, Run, the pulse-pounding story of a girl running around Berlin over and over until she gambles her way to happiness. I compare the film to video games and religious allegory—which it is not—and to fairy tales, humanist philosophy, and roulette—which it is.

I wax poetical about free will vs determinism and chance vs causation. I discuss the film’s somewhat arch use of numerous techniques to represent the different stories and time frames. But I’m so deep into philosophy I forget to identify any guns or cars other than Manni’s Walther PPK.

I explain the color motifs (Manni = blue and yellow; Lola = green, red, and blue) and the other visual motifs (spirals, grids, breaking glass). I compare the different runs (green/running, red/thinking, blue/feeling). And I chide reviewers for wishing the film was deeper when THE WHOLE POINT OF THE FILM is that asking deep questions is a trap, and you’ve just got to run and love and trust and hope for the best.

Start the film right before the Prokino title card fades up (after the title card for the various companies) at the same time you start the commentary.

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  1. Thanks a lot! I loved this movie and I was looking for some insight on it… and you certainly delivered! I wanted to add a tiny bit of info: we do get to know how long Manni and Lola have been together: one year.

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