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Rule #8: Get a kick-ass partner. It’s John Pavlich from the Sofa Dogs podcast hosting me for a commentary on the zom-com-non-bomb Zombieland. It’s the heartwarming tale of a nerdy college student’s search for someone to “pass the gravy” to. It’s also the moving tale of a childless father’s search for vengeance and Twinkies. And it’s also the shocking tale of two con-artist sisters’ search for a shower and an amusement park where there are no lines. And it’s ALSO the heartbreaking tale of Bill Murray getting shot for pretending to be a zombie, like an idiot.

Join John and me for a fast run to Pacific Playland, where you will learn why Down in Front dropped the ball on their commentary for this film, the rules for survival in a Zombie apocalypse, and who you’re gonna call (Ghostbusters).

Apparently, Down in Front lost their recording of their Zombieland commentary. John and I attended the live recording via Justin.tv. It’s quite possible they’ll do it again with a different mix, especially since Trey hates Zombieland even more than the others and was sorry he couldn’t have been there. So, think of this as a record of a lost artifact, like some of the works of Aristotle, only much crankier.

Start the film right after the Columbia logo has faded on the countdown.

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