The Day of the Jackal

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Michael Lonsdale is back! And this time he’s the good guy, tracking down an international killer known only by the code name “Hello Sailor!” or whatever the French equivalent is. Join me as, despite my cold, I put on a perfect French accent (London, France, to be exact) and cue up this tense Cold-War-era thriller about how terrible the French army is at killing people.

Despite the flabby meticulous plotting and the long luxurious running time, the pacing is excellent. I explore what could have been cut without hurting the film and what could have been tightened up to help it. And I mock the hilarious French cars. Oh, and bonus if you watch along with me: French ta-tas. Ooh la la!

NOTE: I’ve now tightened up a couple of flabby spots and edited down the end, after the movie is over. I had forgotten that I had intended to delete the long silence while I was searching for Charles de Gaulle’s height… Of course, I left the singing. That’s gold.


WAIT! I thought up more lyrics (to the tune of “La Marseillaise”):
How taaaaall was Charles de Gaulle?
I’ll look it uuuup. I can’t recall.
When heeee was still aliiive,
It looks like heeeee was six-foot-five!

Start the film right after the Universal logo has faded on the countdown.

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  1. Thanks! I’ve never heard of City Hall; looks like a straight up drama. I HAVE been meaning to look at Serpico tho. I’ll keep my eye out for City Hall.

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