A Haunting in Salem

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The Asylum is back, and they’re bringing the scares for Halloween! Join me as I watch A Haunting in Salem for the first time and enjoy the thrills and chills on my way to enjoying the hell out of this movie. I analyze the legend-within-a-legend idea, the value of renovating bathrooms and kitchens, the rules of daytime vs nighttime haunting, the texting skills of 1950s ghosts, and the curious love of landscape pictures the family has.

Along the way, I quail in fear and disgust at actors’ dirty feet, determine which of the Van Dykes is the least Van Dykey, decide that I want to see woolly mammoth ghosts, come to the conclusion that I may need to murder someone in my own house to give it atmosphere, and lay some word-nerdery on you.

I’m watching the Blu-ray version. Start the movie on the countdown with the “The Aslyum presents” title card.

3 thoughts on “A Haunting in Salem”

  1. Hey Derek,

    I played the “sheriff” in this one and I just listened to your commentary. Brilliant. I had planned to scan through it but you had me laughing so hard I listened to the whole damn thing. I hate grandpa pants, too! And dirty feet! And she was really young and hot for the likes of me! It’s like you were a mind reader. But seriously, the dirty feet thing always gets me and we really do try to keep our feet clean at first but invariably the later takes with the filthy feet always get used. I think your just criticism has finally persuaded me to start insisting on a pair of slippers in between bare feet takes.

    Thanks man. I wish you could do the commentary tracks on all my flicks. They’d be a lot more entertaining. Maybe I could I hire you to just come to the LA premieres and do it over the speaker system. It would be innovative. And refreshing.

    I’m a fan.

    Bill Oberst Jr. (the one with the sensitive hands)

  2. you caught my Airplane reference! stellar work!

    seriously, man, loved it; you came at it in the right frame of mind and delivered an honest, amusing, splendiferous commentary. many thanks!

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