Resident Evil

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John Pavlich of Sofa Dogs Podcast and I have a good time with the commandos vs zombies picture Resident Evil. We prepare to take it apart but— but— for all its flaws, we basically love the damn thing. So join us as we examine the structure, the references to the game and to Alice in Wonderland, the cribs from other action films, and which handsome white dude is which.

We speculate as to why the commandos would leave their gas masks and take the people they’re “rescuing” deeper into danger, why Alice decided on combat boots instead of heels, and why the the Red Queen wants to chop everyone’s head off so badly. And we try to figure out who just got killed and who really remembers what when, and and whether or not Michelle Rodriguez plays the tough, streetwise kitty in the 2008 direct-to-video A Cat’s Tale.

Start the film right after the Screen Gems logo has faded, on the countdown.

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