Galaxy Quest

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It’s an all-star commentary with myself, John of Sofa Dogs and Josh of Soulless Minions! We love the film, the cast, Star Trek, and pretty much everything else, so join us for the fun! We analyze the Trek and other sci-fi references, the careful setup and payoff of the screenplay, and how the effects hold up even from yea-back in 1999. John talks about his Brush With Shatner, Josh brings the hardcore Trek nerdery, and I invent the word “blusterbuss” ™.

Note: We get a tad explicit here and there, particularly when talking about censoring done to get the movie a PG rating.

I’m watching the Blu-ray version. Start the film right after the Paramount logo has faded, on the countdown.

One thought on “Galaxy Quest”

  1. The triple commentary combo worked well. Good to have a Star Trek boffin onboard as there were quite a lot of references in the film, which I would not have got.

    I also could not believe this film was 1999, I thought it much more recent. It has held up well.

    Agreed – Sigourney Weaver looks super hot! A good remedy if you have just watched Alien 3 and can’t get over the shaven head look!

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