Never Say Never Again

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Bond is back and Connery is playing him! It’s the one-off Thunderball remake of sorts that comes, as all great things do, courtesy of a contentious lawsuit. It’s the goulash of Bond films, with a little of everything and all, surprisingly, in about the right measure. The music is bad but the gadgets are good, the babes are bodacious, and the villain is batshit crazy with a hint of whimsy.

I analyze the differences and striking similarities in the structure and plotting, compare it to other Bond films, assess the Bondiness of Connery’s 12-years-later Bond, and question why he’s now working for the Jackal.

Gavan O'Herlihy
Gavan O'Herlihy

William Atherton
William Atherton








Start the commentary after the Orion logo, with the 007 grille, on the countdown.

3 thoughts on “Never Say Never Again”

  1. Loved the commentary, thought you might like to know that when Bond and Felix pretend to be a boxer and a trainer its a reference to Porridge – The Movie, the screenplay for both films were written by the same people and its a direct reference to a scene in that film where two of the main characters do the same thing.

  2. You certainly have a good knowledge of England. I would not have expected you to know what the RSPCA did. And interesting that they got into a bit of trouble with that horse stunt.

    Lol, yes Gavan O’Herlihy & William Atherton do look alike. (without looking on IMDB) Gavan O’Herlihy looks like the chap from Superman 3. All I remember is him drinking and trying to turn a key?!

    Ah, Porridge was a 70’s TV series in a prison, which a TV movies was made. It seems to have been called something else in the US:

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