Numbers 2: most popular Tysto commentaries

In June 2010, I started using the PodPress WordPress plugin to make my commentaries available on iTunes and to track the download numbers. I reported on the results at the beginning of this year, but I thought I’d do it again now.

Here are the most-downloaded commentaries since installing the plugin and the number of downloads to date….

  1. Mega Piranha (685)
  2. Star Trek TMP (604)
  3. Terminator (588)
  4. Westworld (586)
  5. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (564)

    [previously number 1 with 295]
  6. Star Wars 5 (562)
  7. Nosferatu (559)
  8. The Spy Who Loved Me (558)
  9. Time After Time (550)
  10. Man w/ Golden Gun (550)
  11. Star Trek 2: WoK AND Titanic 2 (544)
  12. Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie (538)
  13. Psycho (532)

It should be noted that the figures for Mega Piranha may be slightly inflated because of a mistake that, for a day or so, made it download instead of The Terminator.

Previously, I also listed the most popular pre-download-plugin commentaries, but there seems to be quite a long tail, so those have had their change.

I also had listed the least popular, but those are always the newest ones (hence the long tail), except that Murder at 1600, The American President, the Sixth Day, and Vanishing Point are still just under 150 after having had plenty of time to find an audience.

Come on, people. Vanishing Point is a great movie! Check it out!

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