Harry Potter 5 (Order)

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Harry Potter is again on the docket! Watch along with me as I examine what passes for justice in the wizarding world, what passes for teaching in the mind of Dolores Umbridge, and what passes for romance at Hogwarts (one kiss and a pat on the shoulder).

This is my least favorite of the Potter films, solely because of Umbridge, but I try to stay positive and focus on the totally sweet training montage and final battles. Okay, maybe I also hate the prophecy stuff and the parts which feel a lot like Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, which are not inconsiderable. Oh, and I once again get Jesus and Moses mixed up. Cut me some slack; they both wore beards and robes and were almost killed as babies.

During the early scene in Grimmauld Place, I mistakenly say Moody doubts Dumbledore when I mean Fudge. Toward the end, I mistakenly say the film is 1 hour 30 minutes when I mean 130 minutes.

I’m watching the standard-edition Blu-ray. Start the film right as the Warner Brothers logo zooms by, on the countdown.

2 thoughts on “Harry Potter 5 (Order)”

  1. Hey Tysto – Love your work.
    Ummmm – what happened to Star Trek V? one minute it was up, iTunes was finding some sort of error with it so I came to your page to download it here – now it’s gone, but replaced with the Brilliant Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix (Which I shall happily listen to now)
    Is there a problem with it? or did you accidentally post it early??

    all the best

  2. Oh, that was a scheduling mistake. Since Speakeasy was recording live and would therefore make it available immediately, I initially thought I’d publish Star Trek V right away, but I ran out of time to fully edit it before I had set it to automatically post, so there was nothing in the feed. It’s ready for Monday now.

    Generally, I try not to post the “Coming Soon” notice until I have the commentary recorded AND edited for exactly those reasons.

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