Harry Potter 6 (Prince)

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Harry Potter takes a back seat to love and Malfoy in this, the sixth of the eight films. Join me as I over-analyze the goings on and giggle at the smooching. I suggest that Snape and Wormtail could make a good sitcom and that Dumbledore might be encouraging Harry to get a girl pregnant. Luckily, Harry is so thick-headed that he doesn’t get that hint… or any other.

I discuss the theme and Harry’s development thruout the previous films. I complain that Harry doesn’t actually do much investigating and that the B plot doesn’t reinforce the A plot. And I warn wizards that they could wind up like magical Amish people. But I like this move at least as much as pretty much any of the others for its marvelous control of tone and atmosphere.

Fixed audio issue (over-loud soundtrack was accidentally included in the file)

I’m watching the standard-edition Blu-ray. Start the film right as the Warner Brothers logo zooms by, on the countdown.

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