The Mechanic (1972)

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Join me for another fun-filled dive into the world of existentialist hit men and the philosophy and tools of their trade. It’s Charles Bronson as the master and Jan Michael Vincent as his lovely leading lady and protege. Thrill to the dialog-free opening 15 minutes! Be electrified by the amazing house, gadgets, and cars! Be weirded out by the suicide-as-spectator-sport sequence!

I compare the film to Day of the Jackal, James Bond films, other Bronson films, and Air Wolf. I evaluate the effectiveness of being meticulous against the actual results Arthur achieves. And I occasionally wish that Jan Michael Vincent was a girl and that the girls in the movie could act.

Start the commentary after the studio logos, with the white sky about to fade in, on the countdown.

3 thoughts on “The Mechanic (1972)”

  1. fantastic tysto loved it i do know the answer to your questions but i cant remember what they were will post next time i listen enjoying your bond commentary’s to
    do death wish 3 its a great movie Bronsons best probably but he did make so many classics its hard to choose the best
    thanks for time you put in it appreciated
    would leave more comments but am lazy
    love the work with speakeasy great double act your like the laurel and hardy and cannon and ball combined with a bit of buster Keaton thrown in
    loving the bond ones to die another day cant wait

  2. My friend, please do the commentary on Al Pacino’s’ city hall.I am not sure if you liked that movie.By the way what is the qualification of doing the commentaries?


  3. My qualifications for doing commentaries? I’m just a dude who loves movies and has watched a million of them. Also, I have an English literature degree that sometimes helps.

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