Harry Potter 8 (Hallows 2)

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IT ALL ENDS in a grand assault on Hogwarts that is in no way like Lord of the Rings! It’s a terrific, emotional ending to a terrific series. However, once again, I lament setup-and-payoff issues. I lament Snape’s worthless death and Harry’s nonsensical non-death. And I lament plot ellipses (they’re not holes if they are explained in the book) and propose new endings and variants of key scenes that would make them stronger (YMMV).

I compare the film to the Indiana Jones movies and The Wizard of Oz, and I compare The Wizard of Oz to Shakespeare. I accuse Harry of being illiterate. I also decide who gets to graduate.

I’m watching the standard-edition Blu-ray. Start the film right as the Warner Brothers logo zooms by, on the countdown.

5 thoughts on “Harry Potter 8 (Hallows 2)”

  1. Hi T. Really enjoyed all the commenteries for the HP series, nice to hear from someone who hasn’t read the books and how the films fit.
    Just need Where Eagles Dare doing and I’ll be a happy man.
    Cheers, C.

  2. Some WWII would be excellent. Always look forward to what is next. Keep up the great work. C.

  3. Oh Tysto – after all the great commentaries you’ve done, how have you managed to miss practically everything about this film. I also haven’t read the books (or particularly like the films), but most of the question you have were answered within the series of movies.

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