The Living Daylights

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Bond is back, and he’s played this time by Timothy Dalton! It’s a terrific entry in the series, with spectacular stunts and little that it dumb and cheesy. Maryam d’Abo is the cellist/sniper/freedom fighter/pilot of his dreams—which is good because she’s the only beddable female in the film unless you count a much younger and hotter Moneypenny and Pushkin’s girlfriend, who suffers terribly considering that she’s completely innocent. He’s helped along by old friends Felix Leiter and Stewie Griffin.

However, I bemoan the rather clownish villains. I point out that Bond helping out Osama bin Laden Kamran Shah against horrible reasonable and affable Russians might not be the wisest strategy.

Start the commentary after the MGM lion and United Artists logo with the gun-barrel sequence, on the countdown.

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