Batman (1989)

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Batman is back! Keaton starts his role as Batman against the greatest villain he has ever known: Alexander Knox! I join Soulless Minions, Commentary Track Stars, and Geek Fights for a free-for-all. We mostly like the film but have a lot of fun with its ridiculousness.

Stay tuned for the post credits scenes. (TWO of them!)

We’re watching various NTSC versions. Start the movie after the Warner Brothers logo, on the countdown.

One thought on “Batman (1989)”

  1. I really, really hope you would consider doing another commentary for the Batman-series.
    Batman 1989 is one of my favorite comic book movies, and important in movie history, for proving that superheroes could be blockbusters, on the same level as Superman the movie and also like Iron Man for starting a new era (of comic book superhero movies)
    That is why I’m frustrated that the “commentary” is too crowded with different people talking, and not focused on the movie they are watching.
    Granted, I’m not asking for a scene-by-scene commentary as such, but too often I feel the commentary goes into general topic debate and more of a podcast discussion than a fan commentary of a specific movie.
    I appreciate your thoughts on movies, as you seem to do a lot of research before each commentary, and that is why I would find it very interesting to hear your commentary for this Batman-series, without having other people cutting you off.

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