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Bond is back, and Pierce Brosnan is the man. Join me and my guest Faldor as we work our way thru this very enjoyable entry. Unfortunately, Boris hacked into our computers and screwed everything up*, so the second half is kind of weird, but still perfectly listenable, I assure you.

We wax philosophical about Bonds, Bond girls, and tank chases, and generally have a good time watching one of our favorites.

* Me. I— I screwed everything up. Sooo many times….

We’re watching a PAL version. Start the commentary after the MGM lion and United Artists logo with the gun-barrel sequence, on the countdown.

2 thoughts on “Goldeneye”

  1. Don’t worry, I think you did a good job on sorting out the commentary.

    Some funny observations from you both on elements of the film. Maybe they used the liquid nitrogen to make ice cream while waiting to destroy the economy?

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