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Join me for John Carpenter’s polemic against commercialism and rich people and aliens and stuff. Roddy Piper is a drifter looking for work in an economy racked by… consumerism? Keith David is an angry man who absolutely does not want to put on sunglasses NO MATTER WHAT. Meg Foster is the woman whose eyes will FREAK YOU OUT.

I examine the rather heavy-handed themes (greed, for lack of a better word, is bad). I point out that John Carpenter might know more about horror than economics but isn’t really showing off either one here. And I try to suggest that aliens, say, eating people might be more horrible than aliens selling us Lee Press-on Nails. But whatever, I like the movie a lot and rank it among my favorite Carpenter films.

Start the commentary after the Universal logo, before the Alive Films title card, on the countdown.

5 thoughts on “They Live”

  1. For some reason i can only download about 25 minutes of this commentary (google chrome). All the others DL just fine. Keep up the good work, love your insight.

  2. Hi, Tysto. I enjoyed what I was able to listen to of this commentary. The mp3 is still incomplete. I can’t listen beyond about 20 minutes. Then it’s corrupt. If I open it in Audacity it stops at 21 minutes. It’s the same with the streamning version.
    Could you re-upload it in full?

  3. Arrgh. I continue to have no problems at home and on the road, myself, so I can’t even figure out what is wrong when people have problems. I feed these from my White House Museum website, and that seems to be fine.

    I’ve reuploaded it again, tho.

  4. Thanks. This time it goes on to 53.45 and then it stops.
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Is the original mp3 complete?
    Perhaps you could try another service, like mediafire for upload?
    Good luck.

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