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Join me and Mike of Commentary Track Stars as we take a dizzying look from the heights of one of, if not the, best of Hitchcock—best of anyone, according to some. My microphone sounds weird.

We’re watching the Region 1 DVD Collector’s Edition version. Start the movie after the Universal logo and before the Paramount logo, on the countdown.

4 thoughts on “Vertigo”

  1. Thank you for all of your insightful Hitch commentaries, I’ve listened to and enjoyed each of them since discovering your site last week.
    Would you consider a commentary of one of Hitch’s later, less appreciated works such as Marnie or Family Plot? His last films beyond The Birds seem to be so unfairly neglected. Although I realise they were not vintage Hitch, it would be wonderful to hear your overview of any of the more disregarded films.
    Kind regards
    Nick from Blackpool, England.

  2. Yes, I should do some later Hitch. I don’t own any from the later period, so it’s a little harder to decide to do one. The Birds is a good candidate, since that’s the latest one I have, but I’ve never seen Marnie or Family Plot , so I guess I’ve got some catching up to do!

  3. Thanks for the enriching commentary.

    One thought re: age disparity, at least between Midge and Scottie. Perhaps Scottie went to college on the GI Bill after being sidetracked to fight in WW2. That could be four years right there, or if he stayed on with occupation forces, even longer. If on GI Bill, maybe he did it part time, stretching his college career to 5, 6, 7 years or longer. Factor in his being a senior and her being a freshman and you account for another 3 or 4 year age difference.
    So, I can accept a 10-15 year age difference as being consistent with meeting in college, given the possible circumstances of that time. Of course, that doesn’t change his being a randy old dog. Then again, who can blame him? My grandfather was 16 years older than my grandmother and they had a long happy marriage–46 years.

    And remember, kids: Gravity kills.

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