Casino Royale (2006)

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Bond is back, and Daniel Craig climbs into the saddle! Faldor from the Down in Front forum joins me again for this, one of the better films of the series. I complain that it doesn’t feel very much like Bond, which is one of the things he likes about it. We examine the concept of “soft” reboot and whether M has changed or if it’s just Bond.

I reflexively identify the cars, but it’s not like there are any big chases. The action is mostly on foot and felt, as Bond leaps and bets his way thru what amounts to two films: an action film and a gambling thriller. We compare it to the book and a little bit to other Bond films more. We speculate on Bond’s ability to reproduce and copyright an idea for an all-Bond-Junior movie starring several copies of Shia LaBeouf.

I’m watching the region Blu-ray. Start the commentary after the MGM lion and Columbia logo with the car arriving, on the countdown.

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