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Bond is back and with Daniel Craig returns for revenge (more or less… eventually). Faldor joins me again, and we watch a decent story driven drunkenly into desert and left for dead by Mark Forster. We don’t hate the film, but it’s so lifeless, humorless, and Bourne-like that there’s just almost nothing to love.

I love the theme song; Faldor doesn’t. We both love the action but wish it had more tying it together. I feel like the villain is basically Roman Polanski and suggest he needs a henchman like Oskar “Blade Runner” Pistoria (the footless Olympic runner and alleged murderer).

Slight correction: Tim Pigott-Smith played a regular army captain in “The Claws of Axos” who arrests members of UNIT; he was not a member of UNIT himself. He also played a character named Marco in “The Masque of Mandragora”.

I’m watching the region Blu-ray. Start the commentary after the MGM lion and Columbia logo with the car arriving, on the countdown.

3 thoughts on “Quantum of Solace”

  1. Dear Tysto:

    Altho I never doubted that you would do all of the EON Bond films after committing to do so, I am pleasantly surprised that you did it so quickly. Thank you for your efforts. Your consistency is appreciated.

    P.S. Finished my Hammett/Thin Man research; now I just need to figure out the technical aspects of recording and editing.

  2. A fantastic effort by Tysto. I think its great that he’s being rewarded with such a great movie to finish on with Skyfall.

  3. The hotel in Haiti has a CGI sign superimposed on it. I also pointed out (on IMDB) that they removed a bottle from Felix Leiter’s hand when he’s walking through the alley after the scene in the alley bar – he gestures as if he’s smashing it on the ground, but they removed it – left a bit of the sound of it smashing, tho. No littering allowed in the barbroc universe?!

    My favorite has to be when Dominic Green says “I got so angry, I took an iron…” and then never finishes the sentence 🙂

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