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Join me for the first of the Mad Max films: Mad Max. It’s the heartwarming story of a gang of motorcycle roustabouts who run afoul of the law in a vast and desolate near future where fuel is scarce and no one questions your sexuality.

I compare the film to Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior as well as to other fast car pictures, westerns, horror movies, and Mel Gibson’s life. I heap praise on nearly every aspect of it to the point that you would think I would call it “nearly perfect” but I don’t. I’m not sure why, because the last of the V8s is banging on all cylinders at all times.

Note: I say at one point that gasoline has a reddish tint, but different fuels are different colors.

Start the commentary after the MGM logo, before the AI title card, on the countdown.

One thought on “Mad Max”

  1. I was surprised to hear that the US version was dubbed. Although here in the UK we have quite a few Aussie TV soaps, so we are used to the slang. I had to think if ‘sprog’ was a UK or Aussie word, it is so familiar!

    I did read somewhere that Gibson does not have many lines because he was paid per word/line?

    Aussies might say “Gibson, he’s a right spunk”. Although the UK meaning would be a little different!!!

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