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Bond is back again already in his final turn for a while, with Daniel Craig renewing his contract (perhaps somewhat reluctantly) and seeming a bit weather-beaten. Faldor joins me again and we watch with enthusiasm as many of the tropes are trodden even while the series makes a careful return to form.

We delight in the reversals (Bond blows up his OWN LAIR this time! M is a Bond girl! [actually, that’s kind of happened before]) and point out the soft spots (Silva is YET ANOTHER insider coming back to haunt M? Severine carries a gun and has bodyguards but they mainly just keep her from running away?).

We’re watching the region Blu-ray. Start the commentary after the MGM lion and Columbia logo with the car arriving, on the countdown.

2 thoughts on “Skyfall”

  1. Another good commentary. What with the Dr being busy or something, I was missing the US/UK commentary mix which I always found amusing, but Faldor is doing very well.

    It is a shame I can’t remember the things that made me laugh (I am writing this days after listening) but you are funny guys.

    Tysto – you do seem to have a good understanding of the UK, you seem to know what is going on in our little island and understand our slightly strange ways/humour 😉

    Thumbs up!

    1. THANKS! I do love British film and television, but I still frequently find myself googling references the panel makes on QI (my new favorite show).

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