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Join me for a lighthearted romp thru the annals of espionage and adventure with everyone’s favorite international man of mystery, Austin Danger Powers. I analyze the film as a spy movie, a spoof, an homage, a pastiche, and a romantic comedy. I say I’m not going to play “spot the reference” but in fact I do. I forget to mention which actor who was one inspiration for the character of Austin Powers played his father in the third film (spoiler: Michael Caine).

I point out the arcs of Austin, Vanessa, and Dr. Evil. I admire Elizabeth Hurley a bit too much. I make a few too many complaints about the other films in the series. And I reference the director’s commentary a little too much. A good time was had by all until it became known that George W Bush liked doing Dr. Evil impressions.

I’m watching the old flipper region 1 DVD. Start the commentary after the New Line Cinema logo and Eric’s Boy title card, on the countdown.

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