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Join me for a gushing lovefest for Pixar’s second feature film, A Bug’s Life. I compare it to The Seven Samurai, The Magnificent Seven, The Three Amigos, The Wild One, and Disney and Warner Brothers cartoons. I praise the cinematography, story structure, cast, and anything else I can think of. And I call it nearly perfect several times.

I discuss the scale of the picture, how the story elements work together, the various arcs of different characters. I explore other possible avenues for telling the story. I condemn cats. And I nearly drown myself.

Start the movie after the Pixar logo has faded, on the countdown.

7 thoughts on “A Bug’s Life”

  1. Great Commentary to one of my favorite childhood film. are you doing a commentary on Cars 2?

    1. Yep, that would be awesome. Hunt for Red October is one of these movies one can rewatch time and time again without boredom.

      Anyway, Tysto, your commetaries are just the best. Good stuff.

  2. I concur with Jimbo. You’d have to have a real bug up your ass to pull a stunt like not doing a commentary on the greatest post-Cold War Cold War film of its era.

    Slight tangent, James Earl Jones is an under-appreciated American treasure. Have you ever considered sponsoring a James Earl Jones film festival? Picture it: Dr. Strangelove, Star Wars, Cry, the Beloved Country, a Field of Dreams . . . I can’t believe someone hasn’t thought of this yet. And for so many reasons, you are the perfect person to put this together.

    I also agree that A Bug’s Life is one of the great post-drawing animated features of all time. Beats the crap out of Shrek or Avatar or whatever. Not to mention that it’s also a great post-Cold War Cold War allegory.

  3. Oh man, that’s a lot of pressure. I’m not a huge fan of the Jack Ryan movies, but HFRO is certainly the one I’d choose if I had to. I’ll put it on the list of possibles.

    Re: James Earl Jones film festival. I would be inclined to do a Conan the Barbarian commentary. Is that close enough?

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