Hunt for Red October

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Join Faldor of The Extended Edition podcast and me for a look at the Tom Clancy bromance that is Hunt for Red October. We praise the pace despite the fact that it’s mostly people talking to each other. We discuss the way the opening hides Ramius’ intentions. And we wonder whether or not the silent drive helps Ramius.

We’re watching streaming and DVR versions. Start the commentary after the Paramount logo, on the countdown.

7 thoughts on “Hunt for Red October”

    1. I feel it’s a sequel because Harrison ford looks older than alec baldwin did in the Hunt for Red october thus it is a sequel

  1. For absolutely no reason at all, I watched Hunt For Red October today, and THEN Zarban advised me that you had a brand new commentary ready. My life is just about perfect.


  2. But in the film patriot games jack ryan looks older than he did in the hunt for red october

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