Pirates of the Caribbean 1

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Join me for a rollicking Halloween pirate/ghost/zombie or whatever adventure as Disney has the bright idea to turn a mediocre amusement park ride into a gigantic movie franchise. This might be the film that kills Disney, since it kind of became their strategy to create tent-pole films out of existing properties with a big Johnny Depp-like (often Johnny Depp himself) star and forgot that you kind of need a good script to get the ball rolling.

I analyze the plot, the curse, and the characters. I point out where the flab is (it’s kind of overlong) but mostly have a lot of fun with it. I compare it a bit to the other films in the series, to other pirate movies, to romantic comedies, Master and Commander, commedia dell’arte, and the Muppets.

I’m watching the R1 DVD version. Start the commentary after the studio logo along with the wisps of flame, on the countdown.

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  1. I love this film and the 2nd one i could give a crap about the other two so this is awesome you are doing a commentary on these films maybe you can do a commentary on the 2nd film or National Treasure?

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