Total Recall (2012)

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Join me for a sight-unseen analysis of the 2012 version of Total Recall. I claim that I won’t play spot-the-differences but I kind of do. I analyze the different styles, the subtle differences in plot, and the believability of Colin Farrell as a superspy-turned-freedom-fighter-turned-welder. And I examine the influence of Minority Report, Blade Runner, and the Chinese market.

I mix up the three gorgeous brunettes (I’m not always sure I can separate Colin Farrell from Kate Beckinsale). I might mistakenly call Jessica Biel “Jennifer Beals” at some point, I don’t remember. I still mix up Michael Ironside and Michael Rooker.

I’m watching the HD DVR version. Start the commentary after the Total Recall title card just coming up, on the countdown.

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