Alien vs Predator

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Join me and Mike of Commentary Track Stars as we take a look at Paul WS Anderson’s comic-booky mess of a monster-slasher film. We discuss the casting, the setting, what there is of a plot, and the missed opportunity of a romance.

I’m watching the R1 DVD version; he’s watching the Blu-ray. Start the commentary after the 20th Century Fox logo before the 20th Century Fox title card, on the countdown.

5 thoughts on “Alien vs Predator”

  1. Nice commentary!
    I have a suggestion – during the commentary, Mike mentions Prometheus several times, and says you should see it, and you also agree that you should see it.
    Wouldn’t it be interesting to do an episode where you see it for the first time, as an “Unseen commentary” like Machete and Jonah Hex, TOGETHER with Mike?
    So he could give his thoughts, as he quite enjoyed it, and you could ask him some things that confuse you as a 1st time viewer? I think it chould be a really interesting combination and make for a really good commentary between you two 🙂

  2. That’s a great idea. I’ll suggest it to him.

    The trick with doing bad movies is that I don’t own many of them and they’re a little hard to rent these days, with video stores having gone under.

    1. Yes of course it’s not so likely to have bad movies at home, but maybe together you can find it on some website for used DVDs? Then it should be cheap enough I think.
      And it doesn’t sound like Mike think it’s that bad? 🙂

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