Pirates of the Caribbean 2

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Join Faldor and me for a rollicking–some would say vomit-inducing–roller coaster ride thru the mind of Gore Verbinski and friends as Jack Sparrow (and some other people) returns! Jack Sparrow (and some other people) fight the fearsome Davy Jones! (And we don’t make a single Monkees joke, somehow.) And Jack Sparrow (and some other people) fight the terrifying Kraken! Also, a hell of a lot of deals are made that are almost all reneged on, and the end makes no sense!

We analyze the meandering plot structure, the overlong set pieces, and the muddy motivations. We posit some changes that might have helped clarify or at least short the mess. And we wax philosophical about which film is better: this one or the third one.

I’m watching the R1 DVD version; Faldor is watching the Blu-ray, and we stay in sync. Start the commentary after the Bruckheimer road-and-tree logo has faded, on the countdown.

One thought on “Pirates of the Caribbean 2”

  1. I agree with Faldor: Pacific Rim is a better film than Pirates 2. It may be a bit boring or predictable. But, it is not simply a series of set pieces and nonsense. The movie makes sense. AND, there is no love story between the leads. So, the film isn’t completely formulaic.

    Note: I’m not saying I think Pacific Rim is a good movie, just better than Pirates 2.


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