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I’m back from the dead after several weeks of a bad chest cold. So join me and Hardy Lynch of The Speakeasy for a tear thru the 1978 blockbuster classic Superman (which we don’t really like very much). Thrill to the Shakespearean blarney at the beginning (which we admire), the slow roll thru 1950s America (which we love), and the screwball romance of the 1970s (which we think is great), right to the big blockbuster finale (which we hate).

We discuss Star Trek, James Bond, Gene Hackman’s career, Clark Kent’s big dope angle, the likelihood of Superman’s mom making pajamas for him, and the implausibility of most of the physics. We swoon over Lex Luthor’s lair, the cinematography, and the acting pretty much across the board.

Bonus: we wonder why the whole third act happens.
Double bonus: I only cough a few times toward the end.

Things I forgot to mention:

  • Clark apparently eats the dog for breakfast instead of Cheerios, because we see it run out to him, but it’s not there when Ma Kent gets there.
  • Clark conveniently avoided the Vietnam draft by fleeing to Canada for his education in the Fortress of Solitude.

I’m watching the Blu-ray. Hardy is watching the PAL DVD and has to repeatedly sync with me, so there are several times that we announce where we are. Start the film on the countdown just as the curtains are fading up (about 20 seconds in).

2 thoughts on “Superman 1978”

  1. Nice work guys. Nice surprise hearing Lynch involved. When is the Speakeasy coming back!

    TYSTO commentaries now have all these cool ‘guest appearances’ (or is that voice?!).

    I watched Superman 2 – Richard Donner cut a month or so back. It made a lot more sense, especially when you hear I & II were supposed to be linked.

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