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Join me as I join John Pavlich of Sofa Dogs and Faldor of the Extended Edition podcast for a thoro drubbing of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. It’s the heartwarming tale of an old man trying to recapture his youth and getting his head handed to him. But enough about Ridley Scott.

We examine the themes and complications, the plot twists that don’t quite work, and the way the film repeatedly works against itself with their echoes of religion and the other Alien movies, as well as Stargate, Return of the Jedi, and Casablanca.

We’re watching the Blu-ray/HD DVR version and stay in perfect sync. Start the film on the countdown after the Scott Free logo.

3 thoughts on “Prometheus”

  1. Another great show from Tysto!

    There are all sorts of stories about why this movie came to be what it is. You did a good job of addressing a number of the big issues.

  2. Hi guys,

    That worked well. Faldor dropping in some very funny comments.
    I really wanted to enjoy this film, and I did (saw it in the cinema), but yes, there are lots of issues. Almost sounds like they had one idea but then did a rewrite once actors etc were already attached, so some seem out of place (or not stereotypical depending on your view!).

    Regarding the scientists being married or not, where I work there are plenty of scientists who are married but don’t change their name. I asked once, and I think one of the answers was regarding ‘scientific papers’ they have written. Previous papers written would have been under their maiden name? Something like that.

  3. Thanks, guys! We had fun with this one. Yeah, I think female scientists and journalists tend to keep their own names for just that reason. It just wasn’t clear from the film how deeply those two were involved.

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