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Join me and Hardy Lynch of The Speakeasy as we shoot machines at the impregnable flesh of Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns. We complain about the, ahem, “familiarity” of many of the set pieces and dialog; about the things that are new and different; about the incredible coincidences, and that a lot of the minor characters have nothing to do. I complain about the physics of Superman flying and lifting a continent. Hardy complains about James Marsden being a wet noodle. We both love a few things, including Kevin Spacey and some of the action. And we wonder exactly who knows what about you-know-who when.

We compare the film to Superman, Superman 2, Terminator 2, The Matrix, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and The Five-Year Engagement. We wonder if Superman really left Metropolis to avoid paternity charges or sex offender charges. And we try to rewrite the film and fail.

NOTE: The Tysto Commentaries theme music is called “Point Break” by Mark Fassett‘s band 42 Shades of Gray. I’ve appended it at the end.

I’m watching the US DVD. Hardy is watching the PAL DVD and has to repeatedly sync with me, so there are several times that we announce where we are. Start the film on the countdown between the Legendary Pictures logo and the DC logo (about 20 seconds in).

3 thoughts on “Superman Returns”

  1. Great Commentary guys can I request a commentary for The Departed , Patriot Games ,Django Umchained and Homefront ?

  2. Thanks! I definitely have some more stuff planned with Speakeasy and others, but none of those you mention right now. The Departed needs to go on my list, tho, I think. And maybe Django Unchained.

  3. Great show, guys! You have a good mix of casual and technical comments. This is the best commentary I’ve heard for this movie.

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